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Payal Dey, MD & Co-Founder - Vivid Naturally
Priyanka Sen, CEO & Co-Founder - Vivid Naturally

For You, From Nature

Vivid Naturally is a brand of natural daily life products that are made of high-end ingredients, like essential oils, organic herbs, and many other beneficial gifts of nature. Vivid Naturally is a vision of us two nature-loving souls, Payal Dey and Priyanka Sen, to provide people with nature's goodness. The journey of us two school batchmates started in 2018, and since then we have helped many bring out the beauty that was hidden in them.
In 2018, we began with 4 herbal handmade soaps, and now we have more than 40 active SKUs and 70+ new products that are under testing. Our products are suitable for all men and women of all generations.

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Why Choose Us

We are on a fantastic journey with a ground-breaking vision that offers a huge chance to advance female development, create worthwhile employment, and market wonderful herbal products.
We offer customers a unique and sustainable approach to personal care. Our range of products are formulated from natural and organic ingredients, carefully selected for their nourishing properties.